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Helmut Danninger
"Whatever you is not me"
1st December 2017
Verena Bachner
Öl auf Leinwand
2nd December 2017
Marcos Harto
"London calling"
Oil on canvas
3rd December 2017
Lisa Botes
"The Pitronus"
Mixed media on canvas
4th December 2017
Karla Duterloo
Made from used wine barrels, paint and mosaic
5th December 2017
Ivan Lardschneider
Il silenzio e d oro
6th December 2017
Dyson Warren
Seascape - Oil on board
7th December 2017
Patrizia Casagranda
"Colorful light"
8th December 2017
Sabine Nasko
Ceramic, Raku, my own under water world
9th December 2017
Lori Schappe-Youens
mixed-media on Arches rag paper
10th December 2017
Nataliia (Shamrai) Kolpakova
Tennis. Silk. print. 138x138cm.The collection of silk kerchiefs "Transformation of shifters" with plots of shifters is a continuation of the previous graphic series "Players", in which each plot was the author's interpretation of a certain kind of games.
11th December 2017
Tranquility represents the opposites. It's always interesting to me to try to interpret the opposites, light vs dark, gentle vs drama, warm vs cold, Renaissance vs modern and put all those things in one painting.
12th December 2017
Nikolai Lagoida
"Pferderennen Flug den Pferden"
100 x180
Öl auf Leinwand
13th December 2017
Thérèse - Madiba
130 x 107 cm - oil on canvas
14th December 2017
axel bussmeyer
"entangled" is part of the series "magic temples" that captures and transforms the design of large scale architecture into instant accessible visuals by manipulating reality.
15th December 2017
Eva Pils
17th December 2017
Lesley Oldacker
Oil on canvas
Daniel Balanescu
It is about a journey using old tickets
Diana Paterson
Pen and watercolour on paper
Estelle Logie
"Campsbay" mixed media
21st December 2017
Tatjana Dimitrijevic
Acrilic on canvas, triptych
Dancing boats
23rd December 2017
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24 th December 2017 

Self-portrait "Defeated", Oil and leaf gold on canvas board
Marion Baumann
Januskopf Fotocollage 2016 Zwiespältig Zweiseitig Doppelseitig, Dualität immer und überall, ohne Wertung nicht gut und nicht schlecht.
Martina D'Anastasio
oil on board 24x20 cm
Sylvanant Dube
Hublot pencil drawing on A4 paper
Maria Chatzimina
"safe from harm" metal print photography
Deirdre Botha
Mixed media sculpture
Viktor Anghius-Locker
"Mind Games"enamel-print-gouash-ink on metall,
Plastik aus Stahl geschweißt
"Rainy Autumn Evening in The Park" - palette knife acrylic on gallery stretched canvas
Sabine Beisert
Looking for happiness.... 80 ×100cm Acryl-Mischtechnik auf Leinwand
Dagmar Müller
O.T. Acryl/ Leinwand
Jessica Zugehör
Eitempera Mischtechnik auf Holz
"kuckkuck" / acryl on canvas
Krassimira Vassileva
The spirit of the girl
'dead unicorn' is an artwork about the overuse of unicorns in nowerdays industry and commerce .it's now available as limited artprint on acrylic glass.
Color world
Drawing of dreams.
Hartmu Meintke-Behder
o.t. - "DER STUMME DIALOG" - Mischtechnik (Bitumenlack, Acryl, Tusche, Öl, Pigmente, Sande, Gipse, Marmormehl, Steinmehl) auf Leinwand - 2x50x70 - eine Gemeinschaftsarbeit mit der Künstlerin friedeRike meinte-behder
Tava mariana
The sad angel, Oil on ca vas, 50/70 cm
giorgio nalon
finanza creativa
Chiara Luz
Acrilico and oil, trittico
Konstantinos B. Sventzouris
"Doubt under the pink moon", Oil on canvas 100x70
l linguaggio che ho scelto per l’opera "Pieghe, linee ,parole" è una sintesi pittorica tra immagine e parola. Una parola dipinta che perde il suo significato letterale ed è il lettore a trovare un suo personale senso.
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Krassimira Vassileva

The spirit of the girl